When you shop with us, you’re among friends. We strive to do good work in the world by creating and delivering the most imaginative and well-made children’s dress-up and role-play costumes around, and to do so in a way that makes Teetot a good neighbor to our friends worldwide.

Our brains are constantly turning, thinking of new and improved costumes to bring to your wonderful families. But we can’t take all the credit. Every chance we get, we are hanging out with our children, nieces and nephews and even our children models, drawing and playing with them to get a real sense of what a mermaid really is or what a pirate needs for an adventure or what accessories a ninja needs to complete their mission. So as you will see, each an every year our costumes continue to grow as the imagination of a child continues to grow.

While we make it a point to deliver the best costumes and customer service possible we do so with a sense of joy and happiness. Our team members have backgrounds spanning the toy industry, creative fields, international business, costume creation and more. Collectively, we bring decades of experience in manufacturing too. It’s a good mix of talents and personalities that make things tick at Teetot.

We hope you love what we have created for you; we for have loved creating them for you. Enjoy and remember to never stop pretending!

Meet the Teetot Team

Teetot is made up of a pretty incredible team; friendly and good hearted, which makes the environment at Teetot a friendly and creative place focused as much on humanity as on doing good work for our customers. Each and every team member loves to play. They love imagination. They love to laugh. They love color and wonder and they love turning what may look like a pile of fabric, trim and sequence into a costume so magical that it creates joy in all who gets to wear one.

Here at Teetot, we all share an deep love for dogs. Our president Jeff’s childhood pet was a large happy Australian Shepherd named Teetot who accompanied him everywhere. Jeff’s childhood dog Teetot is where we got the name for our company, Teetot & Co., Inc.

With that in mind Teetot is a decidedly a dog-friendly place. On any given day there’s at least a couple dogs here. Some days, we have more dogs in the offices than people. So believe it or not, our dogs have the final say in which costume will make it into your costume trunk 🙂 So if you really want a specific costume, you may need to talk to Buddha, T, Baby, Bulleit, Lilly, and Daisy first.

Our Promise

We believe in the power of imagination. That’s why we design all of our costumes and dress-up accessories to spark, nurture and enhance a child’s sense of joy and wonder.

We believe families raising young kids deserve both quality and value. That’s why we work hard and smart to deliver well-made costumes at great prices.

We believe costumes and dress-up clothes should be comfortable and fun to wear, but also made to last. That’s why our products are so popular with daycare centers and kindergarten classrooms, where our quality really shines as dozens of kids share our costumes day after day, year after year.

We believe it’s vital to treat everyone with honor and respect. That’s why our guiding principle to be good to our customers also extends to our suppliers, our retail partners, our manufacturing team, the in-house team that brings our wonderful dress-ups and role-play costumes to life, and everyone we work with and serve.

At Teetot, we stand behind all of our products. If you are ever dissatisfied with any Teetot product for any reason, please let us know so we can address the issue. We welcome comments — they help us make our products better!