Fancy Fun With Princess Gown Dress-ups

princess gown

One of the best parts about being a little girl is getting dressed up in fancy gowns and jewelry to reenact favorite princess characters. It doesn’t take much to spark a child’s imagination, maybe a pearl necklace, feather boa, glittery fabric, or shiny tiara, and they’re off in the pretend land of their own fairy tale!

Children may pretend their royal destiny involves living in a castle, visiting with a fairy godmother, and attending fabulous balls and parties. But of course, princesses can have daring adventures too, there may be a wicked stepmother out to get her, or she could prick her finger on a spindle and faint away in the deep enchanted sleep of a cursed princess.

Inspire fairy tale adventures with princess gown costumes! Your kids will probably have enough fun just putting on their dresses, crowns and jewelry, but here are some princess themed activities to inspire regal fun!

Get Ready for the Ball

Set up a “ballroom” for your princess to attend. Decorate with balloons and streamers and have music playing to set the scene. You could even add a bubble machine to give it a ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo’ vibe! Once the princesses have primped and prettied, they can dance and swirl at the royal ball.

Glass Slipper Hide-and-Seek

It’s a familiar game with a Cinderella twist! Just like playing hide and seek but hide a princess shoe instead, then set a timer. The princess must find the glass slipper before midnight!

Royal Tea Party

Invite friends (real or imaginary) to a fabulous princess tea party. A simple plastic tea set can look fancy by adding doilies and a vase of flowers. A light menu of mini muffins or crackers to nibble on between their sips of tea and princess gossip would be a royal treat!

Kiss a Frog

What princess doesn’t have animal companions? Stuffed animals are the perfect sidekick to accompany their imaginary adventures. Pretend that the wicked witch turned them into (plastic) frogs, which when kissed, will turn them back into their true form.

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